Sunday, November 11

Join me....

My new friend Annabelle, the beautiful German shepherd is hosting her 3rd annual  Spectacular tongue-tacular Contest  and mom thought I should enter this shot of my crazy tongue.  I encourage you all to have your peeps look for a silly photo of you and your tongue and enter the contest too....
Annabelle says there's a great prize!! 
(and German Shepherd never lie :) 

click  Here to get to Annebelle's for more details!!

P.S. check out her really cute bald puppy

tomorrow is a BIG day, I can hardly wait :)



  1. well your tongue looks just like baby's does.. imagine that.

  2. thanks for the info - I'll have to go find a good tongue shot asap!

    your pal,

  3. Ohhh!! That's an impressive tongue pic!! I got ya down! And yes, the prize is pretty awesome, cause mom likes to shop...I've taught her well!! :)

  4. Cool! I probably would do better in a drooling contest....I am just saying....

  5. what a great contest! Your tongue pic is awesome. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

  6. cool shot...we entered too...

  7. Hehehe, I love your tongue shot Gracie!! I never do anything fun with mine. I hope you win!!! :-D


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