Monday, November 12

You're invited....

To help me celebrate my 7th Gotcha Day!!
November 13, 2012

Seven years ago my peeps rescued me from death row. I was about 4 months old and  in a shelter in Kansas. Nobody wanted me, my days were numbered.  My peeps had been looking for a German Shepherd but always seemed to be a day late in getting one.  My mom had almost given up and then for some unknown reason she decided to investigate what other types of dogs might be available.  That's when she found this picture of me and feel in love...
 As you can see I'm a girl who knew what she wanted....
I picked "Woolly Man" as my very first toy.

 Just like Goose, I love sticks!!

It is so good to be in a real home where somebody loves me.

So I want you to share my 7th Gotcha Day with me...

We've got lots of yummies

Beggin strips--the bacon kind :)
go ahead and grab a couple

dentastix and bubbles
there's lots more and we can play with the bubbles too.

Schatzie made sure there is kibble for everybody

Mom made brownies for you two legged peeps

 I don't normally get to sit at the table, so I was feeling 
a little uncomfortable in this shot. 

I insisted that all the yummies were taste tested.
(all except the brownies--I can't have chocolate)

 WOW.... looks at all these presents.....
 but these presents aren't for me. 
Mom says since I've been in the family for 7 years I can give away 7 Gotcha Day Party Favors!!
All you have to do is leave me a Gotcha Day message in the comment section of this post.
(So all you lurkers out there gotta leave a note to be eligible for the giveaway)
 We'll  throw your name in a hat and on friday and I will draw the 7 lucky winners.
I('ll announce the winners on saturday)

 The Party Favors include  1. The Alpha-Pet Book by Jack's Dad (I'm on the G page)  
2. a 2013 pocket calendar
 3. a gourmet shin bone
 4. a pair of snuggly socks, 
5. a book called "Sit"
 6. a cute cow stuffie 
 7. 4 fridge magnets mom made.
(sorry the dog dish is mine :)

thanks for joining me on my 7th Gotcha Day--hope you had  fun!!

Love, Gracie 


  1. sweet, gracie, i adore you. happy 7th gotcha day! that's awesome! now, can you score a brownie for me? :)

  2. OMD, Gracie!! Happy, Happy 7th Gotcha Day!!! :-D I absolutely love your baby photos, they are so adorable, especially your Wooly Man shot! ;-) I hope that you had a spectacular day with your family, you are all so lucky and fortunate to have found each other!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I remember 7. Your going to love it. And I just have to say you gotta love a girl who likes sticks AND bubbles. You are the total package. Have a super great birthday.

  4. A VERY happy Gotcha day, Gracie! And may you have many more. You picked a great home!

  5. Congratulations happy they picked you...what a nice Mommie you have...

  6. Hey Gracie!! We are wishing you a Very Happy 7th Gotcha Day!!! What a wonderful celebration your mom had planned for you!!! LOVE those puppy shots and the Mr Wooly Guy!! We love those DentaStix too!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Gracie!!!!

    The SugarHighK0s

  8. Happy Gotcha Day! I am so glad you found such a wonderful home. It looks like you had an amazing time and I hope you enjoyed lots of yummy treats.


  9. Happy 7th Gotcha Day Gracie!!! Make sure to share with your sister. :)

  10. Happy Gotcha Day Gracie, you and your Mommy are so lucky to have one another!

  11. Awwwwww! Happy 7th Gotcha Day Gracie! You are so lucky your Momma saw that picture of you. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and you were meant to part of such a wonderful family! Your Momma sure went all out for your party. Have a terrific day sweetie! :)

  12. happy gotcha day, i am so happy for you that they gotcha! you were a beautiful puppy and now a beautiful lady... i don't accept giveaways, so let someone else have mine. i am getting things out of the house, not in...

  13. Love that story! Happy Gotcha Day - that's very generous that you'll be sharing some of your loot!

    You were pretty stinkin cute - I can see why your humans decided to getchya! You have grown into a fine adult dog too - so beautiful!!! :)

  14. What a "Happy Ending" story. We are also so glad that your human saw that cute picture. How could anyone pass up that wonderful place.

    Hope you have a wonderful Gotcha Day

    Bert and My Vickie

  15. Happy happy happy Gotcha day!!!!!! This is such a great story!! So glad you got this great home for 7 years-- life is good for you, I can tell!!!
    Don't eat too much !!!

  16. OMD! A great story AND you're giving away prizes!?!?! How can you be any more awesome (and no, that's not just me sucking up...BOL!!) Dunc came from the jailhouse too!

  17. Happy Gotcha Day Gracie! You are so lucky that such great people saved you. We don't get that many treats on our gotcha day! Thanks for sharing your story with us! Lee (who was rescued from a high kill shelter before her number was up) and Phod (rescued from a shelter - our Lady doesn't think it was a kill one - still not a good place to be)

  18. Wow, what a happy Gotcha Day! You sure lucked out with your people. (And they lucked out with you too!) Happy Dog stories make my tail wag!


  19. HAPPEE #7 GOTCHA DAY GRACIE - me, Shiloh haz already had my 7th barkday an'The DIVA Shasta will haf her 7th barkday almost a year frum now. That iz shure nice of u tue b sharin'thoze Gotcha Day pawty favorz with all of us whoever winz. Didn't know if we wood b here - we TRIED hard tue git mom tue help us butt she had a dif'rent agenda BUTT WE MADE IT!
    Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta

  20. Happy Lucky #7 Gotcha Day, Gracie! What a sweet pup you are to give away presents on YOUR special day! Hope it was a super special day. (I can see why your mom couldn't resist you!)

  21. Look at all that cool stuff. What a celebration. Happy Gotcha Day!

  22. Hi Gracie, I'm a day late but do want to say Happy Gotcha Day! I know you've given your mom, dad and sis so much love-more than they probably expected. I am so very impressed with your generosity, but that is how you and your mom are. I just wish we lived closer!!!!
    Wags,Noreen & Hunter

  23. Happy belated Gotch Day Gracie! Geesh, you sure had a special day with lots of love and prizes! Guess I better get going with Sherman today:)

  24. Happy Gotcha Day!! I would've fallen in love with you too. Lucky you and lucky mom!!!!

  25. Happy Gotcha Day Gracie !



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