Sunday, November 11

A Successful day...

 What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was windy and temps were unusually warm for this time of year. Today it's still windy but it's COLD. I am certainly grateful I have a warm bed to snuggle in and a poppy that keeps the wood stove burning.

If you remember, yesterday mom went to town to a couple craft shows. She found some Christmas presents for our Christmas gift exchange. She then headed to the craft store, cuz she's going to make a few things (inspiration from the craft show). Mom has proclaimed today "Craft Day" so I'm just staying outta her way.  You just don't mess with a mom with a glue gun if you know what I mean.

Mom also found a few freebies/ treasures along the street. There was a huge box of toys, these little chairs and a couple old curtain rods. I don't know what she's got planned for all this stuff (except the toys--those are mine:)  If you ask me I think she's been spending a little too much time on Pinterest!!   Poppy just shook his head and was relieved that mom hasn't started "Dumpster Diving"!!! (yet)

After Mom got home yesterday she took Schatzie and me out to the pasture where she's been cutting volunteer cedar trees down. I think there's only about 1000 left to cut. It's going to take a long time.  Although it was windy, it was a beautiful day to just bask in the sunshine. So that's what I did.  Besides, I'm not much good at cutting trees.

 I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. 
Be sure to check back on tuesday, cuz it's a special day. 



  1. Oh, I am intrigued! What's on Tuesday! You are right, stay away from the woman with the glue gun. Nothing good can happen from a mixture of that stuff and fur!

  2. You do look like you enjoyed the warm windy day. Seize the day! You are right, glue, fur=not a good mix.

  3. I like the way your Mom thinks...I have found some cool stuff sitting out for the trash...can't wait to see what she comes up with

  4. Woof! Woof! Hope you guys are having a great Sunday. Mmm are you joining Tasty Tuesday. Will Check back. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. This is kind of strange, but we have been experiencing intermittent computer issues this evening and don't know whether or not our first comment went through...since we don't see it here??? Anyway, can't wait to hear all about what your mom is making! Our mama spends WAY too much time at Michael's and JoAnn's and ACMoore and Hobby Lobby...and Target!! BOL!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. It was warm here in the afternoon and we got to play ball twice! Sounds like a great day! Lee and Phod

  7. now i am left wondering what your mom intends to do with the things she bought and can't wait to find out.

  8. My momma loves to do craft stuff too! I like to curl up underneath her craft table while she works, but she often drops things on me, so I will be sleeping peacefully then be suddenly awakened by a shower of tiny beads! I'm just glad she hasn't taken up pottery!

    your pal,

  9. Ya, I'd be staying away from your Momma when she has that glue gun out. lol You look so serene in that picture Gracie. A real beauty! :)

  10. We had warm and windy weather on Sunday too, but then on Monday afternoon, it was a switch to winter. Love that last picture.


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