Saturday, November 10

Wearing Orange....

Today is the beginning of what I call "Hell Week" Why you ask??
It's the week when both  men and deer (at least the bucks) are crazy
It's opening day of deer season--rifle style!!
So that means we have to dawn our hunter orange when we are outside--yes, we have to wear it even on our own property, cuz there are crazy people!!

 Schatzie kinda looks like a super hero in her cape

 Here are some of the crazy people...
this was the 3rd time he'd driven by our place in 30 minutes

Schatzie and me checking out the field.

Schatzie found something in the brush pile

Look our tractor is even orange!!! BOL
 oh, and this is the outdoor project the peeps have been working on forever.
 It's almost done, we're just waiting for some missing parts the 
company forgot to send( like one whole side:) 

Mom says she's going to another craft show later. Schatzie and I don't get to go along this time. Mom said something about it's a big one and she may be there for HOURS. 
She wants to find a specific vendor that specializes in DOG STUFF. The other day we got our Christmas gift exchange names so now we can get just the right size and gift. 
So, we are excited about the gift exchange, but not so excited about Hell Week!!

 Okay mom, it's time for breakfast and for me to get out of this vest.

P.S. don't tell that crazy hunter, but we saw a HUGE deer just after he drove by....BOL

Happy Saturday

Gracie :)


  1. Woof! Woof! It can be scary so be SAFE from them. Happy Saturday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Yep know what it is like to wear the orange. Happily that is over for me for this year. I don't have to worry about on my own turf. But hiking is a little scary. Keep safe safe safe.

  3. hunting from the truck is SO not cool!

    be safe, girls.

  4. that is scary that you have to wear those vests, but at least you look wonderful in orange. i hope they don't find the deer or any deer, i might even in my inner self hope that truck gets flat tires....

  5. Hi Gracie, You be thankful your mom only dresses you in an orange vest because I'd be putting orange all over you both to avoid those crazy people. I hope you have fun at the craft fair-we've got snow coming here so it might also come visit you next week. Happy Shopping to your mom. Sending lots of love to you all.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  6. Ah, those poor deer! :-( You both look stunning in you orange vests, it's kinda creepy that you have to wear them on your own property though! It's crazy to think Christmas is just around the corner!!!

  7. I love going to craft fairs too, and don't enjoy 'hell week' either! A few years ago we had bow-hunters take a shot at the dogs. Since then we stay on our property just to be safe!

    I hope your weekend is an enjoyable one!!

  8. Nice vests, they look good on both of you!
    Do you have the field posted? My dad put up "No Trespassing" signs so close around their farm that you can see one on each side of the one in front of you. :)

  9. Stay safe!! I love your vests, you both look so good in them!

  10. My son is hunting this weekend in Oklahoma on a friends property good idea to wear the vests

  11. My mom grew up in the country, and she used to hate hunting season because she wasn't allowed to go walking in the woods with her dogs during hunting season. I'm glad to see you wear orange vests. We live in the city and don't have to worry about hunters unless we go hiking. We limit our hiking to the city parks this time of year, because hunting isn't allowed in the city parks.

    your pal,

  12. Hi there!!! It is nice to "meet" you!! We will add you to our blogroll!! We are sorry we didn't get back to you sooner!!! We will have mama send you an email about the Christmas Exchange!! Tooooo many things going on right now!! Ah yes, we remember that hunting thing...lots of people and dogs walking around in orange here too!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  13. I never have liked guns. Stay safe. The dogs look happy and well! : ) Came over from your other site...

  14. By the way: I have friends from Norfolk, Lincolm and Omaha!

  15. Our deer season was around the last week of September, it was the first for us as we just moved the country. Our Lady wouldn't let us off leash or in the bush. Fortunately it is a short season! Be safe! Lee and Phod

  16. Oh deer! Bol, those jackets will keep you safe.

    LOVE your orange tractor



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