Saturday, September 29

The Return of.....

 nah, it's just my sister Schatzie!!!  

Remember that photo shoot my mom made me do awhile back??
Well, the book is finished and you can see it by clicking on the link below

My buddy Jack's dad made this wonderful children's book about the alphabet. The book is titled "The Alpha-Pet Book". You will find me on the "G" page!!  :)  The book is available (for free)  by clicking on the links he provides on his blog--(remember to click on the link above or dailydoseofjack below ) Rumor has it that there's paper back version in the making. That book will cost some green papers, but I'm sure it would make a wonderful gift for any of the little people in your life. So.. go check it out and let me know what ya think of the book.
P.S. maybe you can leave Jack and his DAD a note too!!

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Friday, September 28

A History Lesson....

Welcome to Homestead National Monument...

The outside of the building resembles a plow...

Uncle Scotty and Aunty Lynette outside the Heritage Center...

 Wonder what the old pioneers would think of  the technology of today.

 The Homestead Act of 1862 opened millions of acres of land
 for those in pursuit of the American Dream...

 The Homestead Act claimed that any American citizen or intended citizen could claim 160 acres. The photo above is 160 acres of prairie land, much like what some of  the new settlers would have claimed.  The claimant agreed to improve the land by placing a dwelling and growing crops. After 5 years if the claimant complied and were still on the land they were given a deed to the land  by the US government.  Only about 1/2 of the settlers were successful. Life on the Prairie was much more difficult than thought.

 The cut out area inside the state of Nebraska depicts how much of Nebraska land 
was claimed by "Homesteaders" 
30 states were involved in the Homestead Act of 1862.

 Many women came alone...

Are you a Homestead Descendant??

Inside the Heritage Center

Your little House on the Prairie may have looked like this...
 Nothing fancy...just basics

 your children may have played with these toys...

 Your meals may have been served right here.

 A view from your kitchen window.
All of this just 150 years ago!!

 Another shot of the Heritage Center

 A view of the Prairie from inside the Heritage Center.
I wonder if I would have made it...through the droughts, the bugs, the hardships.
 The Pioneers...we owe them so much!!

The Homestead National Monument is located just 4 miles west of Beatrice, Nebraska

For more information click  Homestead Monument 

Thursday, September 27

Special Friends....

Late Sunday night we had some very important guests arrive here on the ranch. It was Uncle Scotty and Aunty Lynette from Molokai, Hawaii...For those of you new to my blog-- that's  where we used to live. They are very special people with hearts bigger than the moon. We gave them a tour of the ranch and even showed all our secret sniffin spots. 
This was Uncle Scotty's first visit to the "plains states," 
he  kept saying Nebraska was like a Agricultural Disney Land!!! BOL

I was helping Aunty get some things out of the van...
She is very special to me cuz, she was the first person to come visit me after I was attacked 
by those 3 naughty pit bulls when we lived on Molokai.

Look what we got!!!   
toys and bacon.. for a dog it doesn't get much better.

 Uncle Scotty is an awesome cook. He helped mom make up a wonderful salmon dinner.
Let's just say it was ONO...that's the Hawaii way of saying YUMMY!!

 For dessert  mom made a Butterfinger/Heath ice cream cake. We had to send a photo of the cake to Uncle Oli on Oahu, cuz he really likes my mom's cakes. He was a little jealous..BOL
Mom said she will make him a cake when he comes to visit us here on the PLAINS!!

Well all this food and excitement has tuckered me until tomorrow when I, oops, I mean mom tells you about the tourist spots they took our friends to see... one adventure was to a National Monument!! Yes, you read correctly...a National Monument (in Nebraska :)

til then,

Gracie :)

Monday, September 24

Sundays...'s a bird, the bees and a butterfly!! 

a better shot of our little hummer

 and my favorite shot of the day....
me and mom--just enjoying time together.

In a few days I'll give ya the link to see the Alpha-Pet Book that I am in!!
 I am  the *G* and I'm sure it's going to be a BEST seller.

We are off to show our friends from Hawaii all about Nebraska :)  I might be away for a few days.
So I bid you ALOHA.....


Saturday, September 22

To the woodpile...

 Follow us to the woodpile, we've got something to show you...
 It's in here somewhere I can smell it....

Mom---Gracie is it a rabbit?
Mom---Is is a squirrel?
Mom---is it a skunk?
Gracie---Oh, gosh NO!!
Mom--well Gracie, what is it then??

Come right over here mom and you'll see it....'s a tiny little kitten!!
Look closely at the top of the photo

Happy Fall to you ALL!!


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Friday, September 21

Mom, there's nose art on the window...

Mom is doing some fall housing cleaning today...therefore all our fine dog linens are out here on the patio!!
I told mom I'd make sure the linens were kept out of harms way while she's cleaning. I take my job seriously as you can see.  
Oh and Mom, please make sure you clean the nose art of the window (see the smudge over my nose in the photo??!!) 
Good grief it's hard to find good help these days. 
Happy Fall Friday Everybody.


Thursday, September 20

You be the Judge....

Mom says this is the face of a dog that just got busted  for eating horse poop during our morning walk and then rummaging through the bathroom waste basket looking for tissues???  Really mom do you think me, a PRINCESS would do such a thing???
Let's see what our viewers think....
Vote---NO, if you believe I'm being framed. 
Vote---YES... if you think I'm guilty of such ridiculous crimes.

Monday, September 17

Hey Boyz.....

It was a beautiful fall day, we had a great walkabout.
 Schatzie and I went over to check on the boys.
This was our conversation...

 Hey Boyz....

 Ya...what do you want????

Just wanna tell you guyz a joke...

 Okay, I'm listening...

 Oh my goodness....

that is too funny...

did you hear that Skippy???

it's about a horse that farts and coughs at the same time...
just like ME!!

Boyz will be Boyz!!

Love, Gracie