Thursday, September 27

Special Friends....

Late Sunday night we had some very important guests arrive here on the ranch. It was Uncle Scotty and Aunty Lynette from Molokai, Hawaii...For those of you new to my blog-- that's  where we used to live. They are very special people with hearts bigger than the moon. We gave them a tour of the ranch and even showed all our secret sniffin spots. 
This was Uncle Scotty's first visit to the "plains states," 
he  kept saying Nebraska was like a Agricultural Disney Land!!! BOL

I was helping Aunty get some things out of the van...
She is very special to me cuz, she was the first person to come visit me after I was attacked 
by those 3 naughty pit bulls when we lived on Molokai.

Look what we got!!!   
toys and bacon.. for a dog it doesn't get much better.

 Uncle Scotty is an awesome cook. He helped mom make up a wonderful salmon dinner.
Let's just say it was ONO...that's the Hawaii way of saying YUMMY!!

 For dessert  mom made a Butterfinger/Heath ice cream cake. We had to send a photo of the cake to Uncle Oli on Oahu, cuz he really likes my mom's cakes. He was a little jealous..BOL
Mom said she will make him a cake when he comes to visit us here on the PLAINS!!

Well all this food and excitement has tuckered me until tomorrow when I, oops, I mean mom tells you about the tourist spots they took our friends to see... one adventure was to a National Monument!! Yes, you read correctly...a National Monument (in Nebraska :)

til then,

Gracie :)


  1. looks like you were an awesome hostess, gracie.

  2. i had a comment ready but when i got to your sleeping, it went right out of my mind. soooooo sweeeeet. can't wait to see that monument

  3. Great dog!! Wow!

    Did you see my mini-schnauzer/cocker Duchess? Come see her.

  4. You must have been so excited to see your Uncle Scotty and Aunty Lynette, and hey that stash they brought you didn't hurt either! hehe! The dinner looks delicious!

  5. You are the hostest with the mostest. And how cool you got toys and treats. I am sure you showed your guest all there is to see.

  6. I love that your mom's family brought you goodies and toys-how fun is that! Loved seeing the dinner and dessert; can't wait to see some of your area attractions.
    Happy Day.

  7. Awww, I know you showed your guests a great time; no wonder they love you so much!

  8. I know, some others have said that they can't see some of my pics too, but when I look it seems fine. ("photo-bucket, you dirty rat!!!!")

  9. I "think" I fixed my photo issues now. I edited some pics in photobucket this morning and placed them in other albums and I guess that is what made them delete out. doh! I am just new to that program and i guess I goofed? Is it ok now?

  10. family or friends visiting is always exciting! it seems that you two have been getting quite spoiled here lately with gifts. :) Tell your Uncle Scotty that the salmon looks yummy and your mommy that the cake sounds delish!!!!

  11. Gracie just has a tough life! LOL, er, I mean BOL!


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