Friday, September 21

Mom, there's nose art on the window...

Mom is doing some fall housing cleaning today...therefore all our fine dog linens are out here on the patio!!
I told mom I'd make sure the linens were kept out of harms way while she's cleaning. I take my job seriously as you can see.  
Oh and Mom, please make sure you clean the nose art of the window (see the smudge over my nose in the photo??!!) 
Good grief it's hard to find good help these days. 
Happy Fall Friday Everybody.



  1. Hi there, I get so tired of doing windows and they get dirty so fast-I imagine since you have a bigger yard & garden than we do, you must really feel that way. What a beautiful morning you have my friend! Have a joy filled weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  2. I love doing nose art. And I know my MOM loves me to do it cuz she is always making a new clear spot on the window for me to create more.

  3. all the comforts of HOME outside in the beautiful yard... you go gracie girl

  4. Hehehe, you look very comfortable out there ,doing your job, Gracie! :-D Supervising all the humans is the best job! Keep at it girl! Happy Friday!

  5. Gracie is living the good life... lol

    The dog days of summer are over and we'll be welcoming autumn tomorrow morning.


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