Saturday, August 11

Wine and Balloons...

Friday night mom and poppy had a date night so they went to Omaha for the Wine and Balloon Festival. As for me and Schatzie it was our duty to stay home and guard the ranch and I must say we did a fine job!!

Here are a few photos of the festival. Mom was sad  as they got there after the balloon launch--so no pictures of that and then they had to wait a long time for the balloon glow. Mom said she was disappointed in both the festival and her photos....guess they should stay home and watched the Olympics with us.
 That'll teach em!


  1. They will remember that for next time. The balloons are pretty. And that shit is a crack up. AND I got something very special in the mail today!!! Love it and thank you soooooooo much. I am one very happy pup.

  2. must be the weekend for it all over the USA. they were supposed to have one in findlay OH this week end and my friend said it was rained out both days. i like the glow pics

  3. Balloons at night is something I have always wanted to photograph. I didn't realize they did something like that in Nebraska so now you have taught me something. I will have to watch for this next year.


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