Sunday, August 12

Sun Puddles...

Today was a perfect day for making sun puddles, it wasn't too hot, or too cold,
 it was just right for basking in the Nebraska sunshine...

 A great day for puddling!!
 Mom, do you have to take all these photos...
 My Princess Puddle pose...
Full lay out position...very difficult move!!
 Even the leopard frog was doing  a sun puddle....
 Schatzie, Schatzie, you've gotta be in the sun in order to make a sun puddle

I took a brief break from puddling to enjoy a yummy apple...fresh from the tree.

Tomorrow see if you can find yourself in a sun puddle..



  1. I love the days when it's perfect to be outside enjoying the day and taking lots of great pictures in the perfect light!

  2. oh, gracie, you are a golden beauty in the sun puddle!

  3. It's been cool enough here that R likes the sun puddles too! I love those photos. I've never seen a dog eat a whole apple... One of our past dogs liked the cores but never the whole apple :)

  4. I will be enjoying the puddle today no doubt. And I love apples too. I have two tree of my very own.

  5. love the princess pudller... that is great. so beautiful, sun makes the ordinary beautiful and your pups are already beautiful so sun puddles make them REALLY beautiful. maybe tomorrow Schatzi will find a puddle or two

  6. LOL!

    I've never heard this phrase before.

    Beautiful dogs!

  7. I wish I had time to enjoy a sun puddle. No rest for the wicked I suppose. LOL


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