Saturday, August 11

My very own treat dispenser...

Mom's having a bit of a blogger block so I'm posting again today...

Look what I got yesterday, my very own mini treat dispenser/cute giant PEZ dispenser.....

 This is my friend...GRACIE, yes her name is Gracie too!! 
Isn't that a hoot, she's got my name. She is almost 3 years old. She and her Grammy, her Aunty Lindsey and cousin Harper(she's a tiny baby treat dispenser) came to visit us and have a dip in our pool. Get this, Gracie and Harper both fell asleep while playing in our pool...isn't  that crazy?!?!

Gracie also got to take a ride on the Ranch Rover and feed the horses some yummy apples....
 just when I was giving her the scoop on proper treat distribution it was time to go.
I cried...
 Mom, why can't I keep this cool new treat dispenser???

Hopefully my treat dispenser, oh I mean, Gracie will come again soon.


  1. Really cute post Gracie! What a fun day you must of had with your treat dispenser, I mean with Gracie. :) I love the last pic of you howling! Keep up the cute post!

  2. she is just about the cutest Pez ever and also just as cute as YOU are

  3. love and dogs...a great combination

  4. Well that is just the cutest Pez dispenser I have ever seen! You are one lucky girl Gracie! :)

  5. What an adorable child with a handsome dog - great photo. Love the monk seal badge.

  6. What a cute treat dispenser. She is adorable. Can any dog just pick one up at the pet store?

  7. I too have my own treat dispenser. I call it mom!

    your pal,


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