Thursday, August 9

A visit to Wilber....

With camera in tow last friday we ventured to Wilber, Nebraska for lunch. Last friday was the beginning day of Czech Festival, a weekend full of roast duck, dumplings, kolaches, Czech beer, pageants,parades, polka bands  and 1000's of visitors to the small town of Wilber--think the population is around 1700.  Anyhow, we were there before the masses arrived and actually had a very entertaining afternoon.
We toured the Czech Museum and I found it to be such fun, I hope you do too!! Enjoy.
**Remember you can click on the photo to get a larger view.

Signs welcoming us to town
Lunch at Hotel Wilber
Inside the "meat locker"
something about the smell of a locker...I just love.

loved the old coke machine
cheese at the locker

vendors set up and a older woman in her Czech  costume

have a seat in the Czech Capital

On the menu...

Czech attire

Horse hair coat...didn't seem to appealing in 100 degree temps.

remember these???

Now that's a CROCK!!

Certainly glad dentistry had improved...

Anyone need a perm...

yes, they even have their own wieners

Know what this is????
sausage press, I remember making lots of
potato sausage with one like this

Fabric from the costumes.

such detail

wow....8 track tapes!!

Small town life

they just don't make signs like this anymore..


  1. daddy had a typewriter just like one of these and he typed 40 years of sermons on it. we got him a better one and he would not use it. i am soooooo glad i did not have to go to that dentist or to that beautician. OUCH. but i do love looking at them here. well worth the trip.

  2. we had several of those crocks for dandelion wine and saurkraut making (my mother was german and my father was czech). we also had a sausage press (not my favorite procedure to watch). :)

  3. Hi, I love small towns and this one is so charming, My adopted grandparents were Czech and had such a rich history. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  4. What fun!! I love visiting places like this, and my husband does too and he loved your photos as well!!

  5. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place! This is somewhere I would love to visit! So quaint. :)

  6. I love heritage festivals...looks like a lot of fun...

  7. Eight track tapes and typewriters? It looks like you stepped back in time.


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