Wednesday, August 29

WARNING...this story ends in a *B* word...

We just love our early morning walks with mom. Some days she's a bit more lax about what and where we are allowed to explore. Today was one of those days!! 

 The target... Mr. Bullfrog

Me surveying the perimeter

Schatzie looks left....

Schatzie tells me there's  dozens of frogs 

I told her to herd them this way

Did you get them Gracie??

Hey look, there's another Schatzie

Schatzie, I don't think this looks good, 
you just might need a bath!! 

**No bull frogs were harmed in the adventure**


Special Note: both dogs were given baths!!


  1. Ha!Ha! Thanks for the laugh! Schatzie girl, you are worth your weight in mud!! LOL!

  2. too cute! love the reflection shot!!!

  3. the B word in this house cause Baby Girl to hide in her condo, we put the lead on her and she walks so docile out to the hose, and stands there and shivers and shakes and has a fit. but when the B is done she loves being clean. love the frog story and the pics.

  4. Rooster and Ginger would love to be there...but not the baths...funny how they love mud...but put a little soap in the water...and they don't like it a bit..

  5. Nothing like a good old fashioned mud bath, before the real thing. Glad your two didn't try to pick up any frogs/toads! Hope you have a great afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. That reflection shot is wonderful. That does look like a ton of fun. And dare I say it, worth the bath.

  7. Woof! Woof! Golden HELLO! How fun ... MUD!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    ***YES, my photo was take at Kaanapali (my fav beach to swim) n behind it is the Black Rock.***

  8. I bet they had a great time!


  9. Having fun in the mud! I would say getting hosed down with the garden hose would come before getting a bath! LOL

  10. That bullfrog is actually kinda cute. :) I love these pics of your pups! The B word isn't liked a lot around here either. :) My pups would love to have that pond and mud to play're giving me ideas. :)


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