Tuesday, August 28

Peachy, just Peachy...

Another Monday and mom didn't have to go to work--I like Mondays!!

We did our usual morning walk about the ranch, it so nice to see a little green again, that 1/2 inch of rain did wonders. As you can see in the following photos the sun was a glow and there was actually dew on the grass. We haven't had a dewy morning in like forever!! The little hummingbirds have returned to the feeder so I guess mom helping the birds and the bees  was all good. Had to include Schatzie today, since we managed 2 laps around the farm she was HOT and decided it was time for a dip in one of the ponds that still has water. Me, I prefer exploring the pond that's dried up!!

Ok, now the story starts getting a little dicey!!

We have two peach trees on the property and both have produce an abundance of juicy peaches, so monday became "preserve the peaches day."   Mom was a slicing, dicing,  baking, and  canning our yummy peaches. Good grief  we now have peach jam, frozen peaches, canned peaches,peach crisp and she even managed to save a few for eating. This was mom's first attempt at preserving peaches and I think she's done a pretty good job. The most amazing feat was this was all done while poppy was in the basement with the water turned off  redoing some of our very old water pipes!! Yes, you read correctly, mom had  no running water! Wow, that's kinda like "Little House on the Prairie" don't ya think??  No need for concern, mom knew ahead of time and had lots of water stored up. At the end of the day we had running water again and a delicious peach crisp and I didn't hear one bad word during the whole process from either one of them.

So my monday was......Peachy, just peachy!!



  1. Hi Gracie, I sure wish I could have come helped your mom-I love to can and have a great water bath canner(designed by UC Davis). I still have peaches from our canning last year. Your crisp looks great too. I'm surprised your mom didn't dry any-they are the best.
    Have a fun afternoon.
    Noreen & Hunter

  2. Oh how MOM and I love love peaches. That is the one tree we do not have at my house,. Got the other fruits but not a peach. Strange cuz it is a favorite. All that stuff looks so yummy, I just want to just through the puter and gobble it up.

  3. wow! that's like an in-home peach festival! yummy! kudos to her for doing it all w/o running water!

  4. i am a Ga peach from Savannah GA and i love peaches, bring on the peach crisp, have not had any since my mother used to make it. and i like/love all the things mommy did.

  5. I've been doing a lot of peach jam, but nothing else. I suppose I should figure out how, right? LOL Jam is pretty easy, pretty and makes a nice gift at Christmas. Next month I will be doing caramel apple jam.

  6. Amazing what a little rain will do. I am envious of all your beautiful peaches! :)

  7. It looks so yummy!!! My uncle lives in GA and he's always talking about peach this and that to eat. :) Hugs to your pups!


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