Saturday, August 25

The *G* Project...

A few days ago my dog friend Jack over at Daily Dose of Jack had a post stating he needed some help with a special photo project.  You see Jack or I should say his human is making a Alpha-Pet photo book. All we had to do was select a letter of the alphabet and have our picture taken with our selected letter.
Well you all know what letter mom selected...Yes, "G" for none other than me. So today we've been out in the flower garden with our letter and I'm doing my best to give her a great shot. Here are some of our shots....we've got a few days before we have to submit our photo so, I'm asking you if you think any of the following shots capture my beauty and character or maybe we've gotta go back to the flower garden.
Which is your favorite????
p.s. the best part of this photo shoot was it didn't require me to have a bath!!!


that's me in the garden...eating the bird seed,
I mean checking out the bird feeder.
So you want me to have my photo taken by this BIG *G*??
geesh, humans are weird

mom, this  *G* is scaring me a bit

#4 something like this???

how bout this mom???

or this????

okay, I won't show my belly...

mom this makes my ears look BIG...

all these photos...I'm getting very sleepy

No more mom til I talk to my agent

okay, okay... one more!!
So what's your favorite???

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  1. Awesome! We are working today on our letter - "S"!


  2. oh, my goodness. they're all 'g'reat! #6 looks like you're trying to make a 'g'.

    i like #3, too. :) i like them all, really.

  3. OK I like #8 but I got to tell you I find beautiful humor in #10.

  4. Hi there, I think they are all very good photos but I favor #2, #11-because not only do we get to see the beautiful Gracie but also your pretty flower garden.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. G-Dog needs some bling--maybe some shots with her collar?

  6. i love them all, Gracie is so much like our Baby girl in some of these, it coulg be her. just change the G to a B or leave it B for girl. I like the last one best, but any of them are superb to use.

  7. how in the world can anyone choose! I find #3-#11 are my favs....and I love the comments from Jack! fun post - thanx

  8. What a cool project! Lemme know if your friend needs any help with the Letter's "B" or "P", lol! Your pup is pretty cooperative, and I love her pose!

  9. Well, that's the trouble with having such a beautiful subject. I don't know which one I'd pick!!

  10. They are all so cute..I think I like 8 the best....maybe... :0) Yes 8 ?

  11. Oh, ok: #6, #9, or #11
    6 and 9 are awesomely funny and super duper cute! And 11 is very sophisticated! :-D

  12. Captured so beautifully. Hopping by from Camera Critters.

    My Critter post, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  13. OK, I know there's a joke in there about a G-spot somewhere. LOL

    Number 9 is my favorite.


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