Friday, August 31

I tried mom, I really did....

Yes, mom took us on another walk this morning and there's more to our adventure that she will post later. For now, these 3 pictures will have to tell the dirty story....

Kinda hard to believe that this beautiful looking pond....

can make a dog look like this...

I told her Mom, I really did... I said, "stay out of the mud Schatzie!"
what can I say, she's HOPELESS.

 Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy...
mom was trying to get out of the splash/mud zone.
BOL.... it didn't work!!


  1. That looks like a ton of fun. Mud IS fun!
    As the saying goes, "Nothing is friendlier than a wet mudding dog." It's true.

  2. i am thinking you were in the Splatter Zone, or better knows as the Shake It Off zone

  3. Too funny, unless of course you are in the splash zone. When a pup has to get into the pond, what else can you do?
    Have a wonderful weekend Val.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. Hahahaha you two are too funny with your muddy excursions! :-)

  5. Looks like your Mom needs a waterproof action camera!

  6. In that last pic your pups look like they're charging straight for you! Looks like fun!


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