Tuesday, June 5

Taking photos...

As I sit and compose this post I glance out my kitchen window to see the 5 little blue birds fluttering about gaining their independence from mom and pop and a deer making her nightly appearance across the road...my camera is sitting on the counter. Tonight, I decided to take those photos with my eyes and just enjoy the quiet beauty of nature that surrounds me.


I did want to share a few photos I took last Sunday...nothing spectacular...
just life here on the ranch in the middle of the country.
This photo shows our corn field, the neighbor's wheat field and the sky...
such an awesome contrast

I call it a giant dandelion puff

These just gotta make you smile...

Known around these parts as a noxious weed,
 I think the Canada thistle looks a bit like a art sculpture

This butterfly doesn't seem to care that it's a noxious weed...

the flower head against the golden wheat...

Won't be long til the wheat is ready to harvest...
 It's now dark and I have just a  few more photos to take with my eyes...
the fireflies are glowing and Mr.Moon should be rising soon, so I bid you all a good night!


  1. How nice your 'eyes open shots'. I like the way you see and compose your subjects! Your pic of the wheat really caught my eye. Here in central Oklahoma just about all the fields have been harvested.

  2. Beautiful pics! Love the butterfly on the purple weed!

  3. thanks for my arm chair visit to the middle of the country. i have never seen fields of wheat, corn my daddy grew but not as much as this is. the macro shots are wonderful and not only the yellow ones but all of them make me smile and feel happy. just beautiful. God's art. and I love the noxious weeds

  4. so peaceful. a nice viewing for me this morning. love that wheat. *sigh*

  5. What wonderful pictures!! Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Great shots!! I love the wheat. Thistles can make for some great photos but they are a pain in the butt weed.

  7. Beautiful photos Val. I do so love you sharing your beautiful ranch. I'm very envious. :-)

  8. These are all so beautiful! I love the wheat and the pretty weed with the visiting butterfly. Such beauty!


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