Sunday, June 3

Enjoying life's little things....

 I didn't take a lot of photos this week, but I am sharing with you some shots that just make me smile.
 Hope you enjoy!!

My Gracie is never far from my side, we're bird watching!!  grow little cucumber grow, yummy  raspberries
sweet cherries, young female blue bird, look out....incoming bluebird,
tree frog, salsa peppers
blueberries are turning blue and who's digging in my flower bed???


  1. Now I'm hungry, or thirsty for a smoothy, I'm not sure which.

  2. oh no Gracie, not the flower bed? love the Gracie/foot shot

  3. I just love to see it when the veggies start to grow! :)

  4. these are all great! all smiles here!

  5. Hi, Love your collage; we like/love so many of the same things. Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Now that's something I'd frame! What a beautiful photo.

  7. What happened to Azure and Vogel? Are they prepping for their second brood?


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