Friday, June 8

And so it begins...

the harvest of 2012, we picked 2 cucumbers, 2 peppers (yes, one is PURPLE:) and a bowl full of raspberries, the cherries should be ready in a few days.

We checked all of our bird boxes today and I am happy to announce that we've got baby birds everywhere!!  Even the Blue Birds are back in action  with 1 new shiny blue egg in the box. 

Tree Swallow Nest #1  I see at least 5 babies
probably a week or so old
Tree Swallow Nest #2
difficult to see with all the feathers but I think I see 2 pink babies
probably just a day old or hatched this a.m. 

remember that comfy little nest I found a few weeks ago?
It belongs to an Eastern King Bird
These guys just hatched in the last 2 days.

The start of brood #2 for the Blue Birds. 

Barn swallow nest #1
these guys are at least 10 days old

Barn Swallow Nest #2
2 have hatched, 3 to go!
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  1. That's quite the harvest! I can't believe you have peppers already! How great to have so many new families in the nests. Great pics! :)

  2. my first ever viewing of a purple pepper. beautiful produce and the birds are wonderful.

  3. We are not even close to a harvest yet. Well the cherries are almost done but the veggies have a ways to go. You are lucky. Loved all the birdie shots.

  4. Val, I love your harvest and bet that purple pepper will be so good. You certainly have lots of babies; we've had robins lately, grackles next door and then there is a dove nesting in our second story gutter. Last night we had a terrible storm and I'm worried that the hail might have hurt the eggs or babies; I've heard the mom cooing today-I'm tempted to get up on the roof and check.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Such a busy place you have there. With all of that fresh food, what's for dinner? LOL

  6. I learned this week that once babies leave certain nests , the parents do nothing else for them ouch

  7. I learned this week that once babies leave certain nests , the parents do nothing else for them ouch

  8. How exciting! A harvest of veggies ... nests full of baby birds. I love new families!

  9. I want a garden! I just love seeing all your goodies to eat! My favorites are the new families.:) How sweet! Great photos!

  10. Wow! Harvesting already?
    The baby birds are precious.

  11. Your veggie garden is wonderful. I love the cute baby swallows, it is nice you can follow their progress. Lovely photos, have a great day!

  12. AH! Harvest of the fruits of the labour! I echo some of your other posters by not being familiar with your purple pepper. Like the color and can see where it would add an appetizing tint to some dishes.
    Your crop of new birds is well on it's way. Here at our house most have hatched and already flew the coop! The wrens are on their second batch and we had a single Cardinal hatched this year. A first! Everything seems to be in abundance this year in the way of plant life and the native birds.

    Nice pics of your ongoing Harvest!

  13. What wonderful photos of all that new life! :)
    Your garden is way ahead of ours. I can hardly wait for fresh cucumbers and peppers and blackberries if the birds don't get them all.

  14. Baby birds are cute!

    My Critter post. Have a great weekend.

  15. Your garden seems to be a good place to grow for vegetables and birds.I love the pis with the super small bird between the lot of feathers.


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