Thursday, April 19

What's up DUCK...

One never knows what you are going
 to encounter around this "ranch"  
As I was traveling to work yesterday, hubby called and told me he was in the bathroom and looked out the window to see a DUCK in the tree!!   "A duck!"  I exclaimed, "Did you get a picture??"  and the answer was YES!!!  A shot of a  very charming wood duck.
can you find the female???

Handsome fellow

Pelican Update...
I have received a couple emails somewhat skeptical of my really seeing PELICANS in Nebraska (all in good fun:)  I would never kid about pelicans in Nebraska.
Last saturday before the big storm arrived I risked life and limb to capture these shots. 
Well not really, but do you know how difficult it is to sneak up on 200--yes, 200 pelicans in the rain?!?!?

Here's a few shots of those pelicans on the neighbor's pond. 
this is about 1/2 of them, had to zoom in so you can tell they are PELICANS!!

Yep, they're pelicans..

Got spooked and away they went...
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  1. i love our silly wood ducks, too! :)

    and cool to see the whole 'herd' of pelicans stopping in!!! :)

  2. wow all these in cool...

  3. never seen a duck in a tree, but since they fly i guess they can roost. those pelicans are AWESOME! i saw 3 white ones at the beach but only those three in my life time, wow

  4. That's the first time I've ever seen a duck in a tree! And those pelican pics are amazing! Do you think it's because of the crazy weather?

  5. Hi Val, I loved the wood ducks-the male is so beautiful! As for Pelicans, we are just down from you in Colorado and we have them migrate from Spring to Fall-we have thousands so it only makes sense you would get a visit too.
    Hope you have a wonderful evening.

  6. I've never seen a duck in a tree or a duck with red eyes. He is a handsome little duck.
    How cool to see all those pelicans!
    I don't think I've ever seen that many at once.

  7. Pelicans in Nebraska, who'd have thought! LOL

    A duck in a tree, there's a joke there somewhere.


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