Saturday, April 21

I LOVE my security system....

This is my Homeland Security System....
don't believe me???
just try and break in...

One alarm...
Two alarm...

3 alarm


  1. I've got a three alarm too! It's the best isn't it?! :)

  2. we only have two alarm, but baby is so loud she sounds like 3. a man knocke do the door last week, we do not open our door to strangers. we just let the alarms bark like mad and when they go to the windows which were open it scares them silly. he continued to stand there so bob went out through the garage and asked what he wanted. he was selling home alarm systems. bob said didn't you hear ours?

  3. G-dog could use a little "cover-up" for her backside. :D

  4. Hi Val, I love your alarms. I think your Shephard would be enough to frighten anyone away. That is why I will always have dog, so when hubby goes away on golf trips, I feel secure. We live in a safe area but still I don't like being alone.
    Hugs today.

  5. It is the best alarm system going!

  6. love it...we have border patrol around here...

  7. Great alarm system! We happen to have a two alarm ourselves.


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