Tuesday, April 17

Do you know...

what baby animal is referred to as a "kit"??? Stay tuned and I'll give you the answer.

If you recall last week my hubby was busy burning the brush pile. He had finished burning most of the brush and he had one more item that needed to burn..... it was time to put the sprinkles on the cake, the cherry on top, the cool whip on the pie kinda moment. It was time to burn the vintage floral sofa that was part of his childhood and yes was part of our furniture until the present day sofa was purchased.  This old sofa has been sitting out near the brush pile for nearly two years and I am sure it was home to a number of critters.  I would never sit on it out there as I feared there was probably a family of snakes living under the cushions. Anyhow, hubby came to the house to get his camera and told me the sofa was in the burning pit....
Of course, I grabbed my camera and headed to the pit. He set the pit on fire and saw a small critter flee from the sofa. The little guy ran into the garden hose container (yes, we had the garden hose handy in case the fire got any crazy ideas)

As we watched the old sofa burn hubby opened the hose container and there sat a "kit".
Do you see him peeking out from under the reel house??
 Still peeking....

there he is...
All together now.....awwwww

Yes, this is a young mink....aka a "kit" Is he cute or what??

We did try to capture him,  hubby grabbed his welding gloves as I held Schatzie. He slowly opened the reel house and the little kit scampered away, headed right back to where the sofa had been. 
So we are hoping that he made it safely back to momma.


  1. Hi Val, As soon as I saw your question I answered, from experience, that it was a fox-also known as a kit. But I think the Mink was just as cute as a baby fox. I'm glad he got away and hopefully will find his momma and that there are no others that were in the sofa. Glad you got a new couch. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. oh, i hope so too! he's a cute little thing. yes, i thought it would be a fox, too.

  3. Awwww is right! He is adorable! I sure hope mama or siblings weren't in the sofa. I've never seen a kit before. He is just sooo darn cute!!!

  4. While I was going to guess a baby beaver (thought maybe you spotted one on one of the ponds), that little "minkster" is pretty stinkin' cute.

  5. Awwwwwe is right! I have never seen a mink let alone a baby!! How great that you got pictures!

  6. the mink is amazing, soo cute and i did say awwww and have never seen one before except pictures. that sofa is worthy of a Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson movie. i am sooooo sorry I was nt there for the burning. i would rther watch that burn that go to a concert or a movie.

  7. That is a cute little critter.

  8. and by the way, shouldn't YOU have grabbed hubby's camera? LOL

  9. finally I can comment...I've been trying for 2 days...so glad he got out in time...


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