Monday, April 16

Remember that skunk....

Told you I would tell you a story about my experience on saturday during our storm.  Well....during the storm there was a bit of a lull in the rain allowing hubby and me to venture out to investigate the dirt work that had been done around 3 of the 4 ponds on the property.  This work was done to keep the water in the pond, instead of running out the rusty old overflow tubes.  Hubby was checking out the main pond (its the pond with the waterfall shot from the last post)

 It was sprinkling slightly, so I grabbed the camera cape(this cape played an important part in the story) and threw on my hooded raincoat (with no dogs, thank goodness:)  then I headed over the hill and through the mud to the south pond. 

 This is Pond #2--filled nicely

Upon my arrival I found the #4 pond filled to the brim with water (1st time ever, the dirt work worked!!)
Beautiful reflections....
 A very cool looking pond...I think

The sun had peaked out just a bit allowing for some awesome reflections shots. Needless to say I started snapping away. As I was snapping the following  photo..... you can see it's starting to sprinkle a little heavier, so I threw my hood over my head and fumbled with the camera which of course was in it's nice camera cape. That's when it happened!!! I heard some rustling in the grass ( think you know what's coming :/...  because I had my hood up my peripheral vision was obstructed, I just figured it was the neighbors dog who comes over to visit us quite often. I continued to wrestle with my camera and the camera cape to capture the greatest photo ever (NOT)  I just keep clicking until I turned to my left and saw.......

 MR. SKUNK waddling toward me...I thought, get a photo of him, but.... I couldn't, my camera was all tangled up inside the stupid camera cape, I froze, I was  PETRIFIED!! In those few seconds I was remembering Skunk 101 ---these critters can spray 15ft and I was less than 10 feet from him. I was doomed. I just knew I was going to be walking back to the house smelling to high heaven and then having to bathe in Nature's Miracle....oh, this is not going to end well....
As I stood there waiting for the worst, under my breath I was praying "please don't spray me, please don't spray me!!" To my amazement,  Mr. Skunk just zoomed by me running down the side of the pond into a hole and I never saw him again. I don't even think he saw me....really...can't believe the crisis was averted!! As I was regaining my composure, hubby arrived, I gave him the details of the encounter and guess what he asked????  "Did you get a picture of the SKUNK?"  Argh.....

I didn't get any shots of the skunk---spray or photo.
Bet you didn't expect this ending did ya!!???  :)

My next post will be about me asking hubby if he took a picture of his little critter encounter last friday!!
Til then, enjoy your day!


  1. Oh rats! No stinking ending!! Ha!Ha! I can just about imagine how fast your heart was pounding in those couple of minutes! I am glad you didn't get sprayed but it must have ticked you off that you didn't get a picture. Your ponds look wonderful. Those are great reflection pictures. I can't wait to hear about your hubby's critter encounter! :)

  2. so what is a camera cape, let me see it please. and i just KNEW you were going to get sprayed, so happy there was a happy ending. the ponds are beautiful and that reflection is perfect. cant wait for hubby critter story. do you have cows for the pond or horses

  3. well, that was a lot better than i was expecting!

  4. that first photo is so pretty. what a beatuiful place to think of while meditating! I'm so happy the skunk played nicely. :)

  5. That's a dedicated photographer going out in the rain and battling skunks!

    I have a camera cape that I have never used. I bought it just in case it rained when I was out on a hike but I've been lucky so far.

    Nice looking ponds! I like the last photo witht he drop of water a lot!

  6. Beautiful place to be...minus the skunks!



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