Sunday, April 15

Survived the storm...

Yesterday the Weather Channel predicted that our area was in for some nasty weather. In fact, they gave us a Tor-Con rating of 8 to 9.  Meaning we were pretty much assured tornadoes would be part of our day. I didn't leave the ranch yesterday to observe if there were any "Storm Chasers" around, cuz that's a sure sign you're going to have some tornado action. However, Weather Channels Jim Cantore,  was in Lincoln, so that meant it was going to be serious. Serious enough that the annual RED/WHITE game was cancelled.  60,000 people attending a PRACTICE football game in dangerous weather would not be a good thing. Gotta admit those Husker fans are devoted ones!!

Anyhow, I spent most of the day gathering items that I felt would be needed in case we needed to make the mad dash to the cellar :)  All the cameras were charged. Hard drives, lap tops, that special notebook with all your important numbers, a couple changes of clothes, raincoats, shoes, water, dog food, leashes, my purse, hubby's wallet, and a few other items were all placed in the camping cooler. I thought the cooler was a good idea--you can sit on it and everything inside should remain dry--at least that was my plan.
Think hubby rolled his eyes at me a couple times as I was preparing... but ya just never know. I'm glad my efforts were for not.
Shot taken at beginning of rain

our own waterfall...rain runoff from the fields above the pond.
 Pond rose around 3 feet!
 We were in dire need of rain

Gracie telling me I need to come in and get out of the rain.

Water ready for a possible power outage, bath tub was also filled.

Cooler packed with needed items. 

Our safe spot is behind this freezer--under the stairs
as you can see also had towels and blankets
dog water and bowls, we were READY!!
Our weather radio went off a number of times warning us of flash flooding and thunderstorms. We were fortunate that at least we didn't any tornado warnings for our immediate area. I think it was around 1 a.m. when the world outside finally calmed down, the storm had passed.  We were blessed with 2.5 inches of rain, very little wind and NO TORNADO!!

Tomorrow I will share my story about taking photos after the storm!!


  1. Thank goodness you didn't need your emergency supplies but your right to have them ready. The wind looked pretty strong bending those trees and the! Glad everything is okay. :)

  2. wow! you had some GREAT run-off!

    a) glad you were prepared. b) glad (and jealous) you have a basement to go to (we have nothing here - not even an interior room - even took out our bathtub) c) glad you didn't need all the preparedness. i'm certain it was bad enough as it was!

    and have been meaning to say i LOVE that header photo! :)

  3. i am beyond happy you did not need your preparations. i would have done the same thing, and the cooler is perfect. you thought of everything, and that is what we do when a hurricane is looming in the gulf and THEY are guessing where it will come. i get things ready and i have a silver box that has all important papers in it, just to try to save them. i also took photos of everything in our house, and put it on a flash drive and that is in the box. we will try to save that if we can. so happy you got water but that water fall is scary when it flows like that. thanks for the update

  4. ps we have no cellar either, but we have an interior walk in closet, about 6 x 6 big enough for 2 of us and 2 dogs.

  5. Hi Val, Wow, what a nail biting night. We get the warnings to and unfortunately I've just realized that although we have food and water, camping equipment I don't have extra clothes or shoes. When we get our new puppy, I'll make sure there is food and some extra dishes down there for him. Also I did buy a can opener, don't want to have canned food and no way to open it. So glad that you didn't have any serious damage with flooding or a tornado. Hopefully, this spring and summer will be boring in this area.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. How are you doing, Val? Indeed, it’s an important factor for one residence to have a storm cellar in their house. It will serve as a safe place to stay in the event of a tornado or a hurricane. I do hope you do have one by now for we’ll never know what will strike next.
    - Edwina Sybert


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