Friday, April 13


Okay, I really can't believe I am going to share this story, but I know my blogging friend Sandra at Mapsnapper will get a HUGE laugh from this craziness. Tuesday as I was in the bathroom preparing to get ready for work I glanced out the bathroom window and saw some very large birds flying overhead.  I go running out of the bathroom yelling for my hubby to come look out the front door at the big birds. Now mind you, I have just gotten out of the shower and am wrapped in my towel, hair dripping wet, but of course I grabbed my camera as I exited the house.  I am standing in our front yard taking photos of PELICANS wrapped in a towel!!
Oh my dear Lord, I have gone mad!! (Sandra, I can hear you laughing:) My shots are not so good, but I thought the story is kinda funny. Anyhow, here a couple of shots of pelicans flying overhead in Nebraska. I suppose the funny shot would have been me standing in a towel taking photos of the pelicans--thank goodness hubby doesn't leave his camera on the kitchen table!!
P.S. so glad we live in the country otherwise I might just might need to get counseling!!


  1. LOL! You're right, the shot would have been of you in your towel looking up into the sky with your camera. You need to talk to your husband about keeping his camera handy! And yes, you can get away with a lot more in the country that you can in the city!

    Are those pelicans or geese? I didn't know Nebraska had pelicans.

  2. i LOVE this!! and love your shots!!! i am grateful we live far off the road and have good tree lines surrounding us as i've run out to snap shots naked... :)

  3. Hi there, This is so funny-I can just picture it! We get pelicans during the spring and summer and we love seeing them. It is really fun to watch them land and also take off-they remind me of water skiers.
    Have a great day!

  4. well it certainly does not see strange to me the madsnapper, i would have been out there to... these are amazing and you know pelicans are my favorite birds. wow... and if i had been there we could see you in your towel... does it count i stood on the front porch yesterday in my nightgown to take flower foto? you are right I LOVE IT

  5. Ha!Ha! Amazing what we'll do for a picture. I think our minds go kind of like when the dogs see a squirrel, you just forget everything else! Great pictures though!

  6. I am laughing!!! Mainly because I can visualize myself doing the same thing.

    I like the photos. Well worth it... but the one of you in your towel would have been hilarious.

    The photos in the post before this one are really awesome!


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