Thursday, April 12

Clean Up Continues....

Clean up continues here on the "ranch"  Hubby has cleaned the tree row of metal debris and old wood. Today was "burning day".  We have a large burning pit out back and  I looked outside to see it raining and hubby  had a fire blazing. So, I did what every crazy photo blogger would do....I grabbed the camera, reached for my rain coat and jumped into my boots for today's photo frenzy.
A very welcomed rain...

Drops of rain on our pond

reminded me of the lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii

So toasty warm

the rain gave our young maple tree a refreshing shower...

the orange glow in the middle of the shot is the fire...was experimenting with the camera, I like it!!

Love the various colors....


  1. i love a good brush pile burn - and i love good burn photos, and these are great! and hurray for rain, too!

  2. These are great pictures! I love the fire shots. We sure need some rain here too!

  3. Like your new header. The burn pics are great, but the next to the last shot is AWESOME! So cool!

  4. way cool fire shots. i am a firebug by nature, love to watch it burn, lot to poke it while it burns. wish i ahd been there for this one.

  5. Great fire shots! Lots of colors.


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