Sunday, November 13

Gracie's Gotcha Day

Today we celebrated Gracie's 6th Gotcha Day.  It was November 13, 2005 that we added her to our family.
She has indeed made our life interesting--we've learned to deal with megaesophagus (an eating disorder) a move to and from the island of Molokai, a back injury caused by her sister's rough housing, she survived an attack by 3 pit bulls, eating rat poison, being sprayed by a skunk, etc,etc...With Gracie there is never a dull moment. The first photo is from It was love at first sight!!
She was the little yellow dog that nobody wanted....I am so glad she found us.
 First stop after completing  all the adoption paperwork was Petsmart to pick out her own toy. 
She picked out a "wooly man" :)
 Gracie is a cuddle bug.

 Today we made "cookies"--Gracie loves cookies!!
Yesterday we received a package from Gramma E.... 
Gracie loves getting packages almost as much as eating cookies!!

So if you are thinking of getting a puppy to add to your family,


  1. i agree with Adopt... and i like the Gotcha day instead of birthday, we don't know our pups birthdays, since they were 10 months and 4 months and that is a guess by the vet from looking at teeth. Gracie is blessed to have found you. she is a doll.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Gracie! I like that! I completely agree with adopt and not shop. Those biscuits/cookies look yummy! She even got gifts from sweet and thoughtful! And what a survivor Gracie is! Wow, so glad she has the two of you.

  3. Happy G-Day, G-Dog! I think of photo shoot with the new bandannas is on order...


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