Saturday, November 26

Black Friday Finds...

Finally back at the blog...I have been feeling a little "frumpy" the past few weeks, so my blogging has suffered. Anyhow, I am back.

Ron and I usually don't do Black Fridays but some items on the Menards Christmas ad caught our eye. Fortunately, we didn't have to get up in the wee hours to grab our bargains. We headed to town at 5:30(Menards opened at 6a.m.) in search of  2 beds and unstuffed dog toys without squeakers. We nabbed our loot and got out of dodge. We were headed home at 7a.m. spending most of our time standing in the check out lane. So the Christmas shopping for the girlz is done!! YAY!!

Check out the Posh Dog Bed Pit!! 
 Each toy has 2 squeakers.........
We've hid the toys til Christmas...
yep, you see 3 fox, 3 raccoons, and 3 skunks(that don't spray)
that's 18 squeakers!!!!


  1. that is a really creative PIT you have there. so who is the 4th one for... are there little paws in the plan? our dog Cooper, deceased, loved squeaky toys, he would put one in his mouth and squeak it until i was going mad. our dog Max, deceased loved to get new stuffed toys with squeakers just so he could remove the stuffing and the squeaker. then he played with the limp rag that was left for years, we had a basked of limp no squeak toys that he loved. he could remove a squeaker in 30 seconds flat. thanks for the memories and your girls with paws are gorgeous.

  2. oh boy...some furbabies are going to have some fun with those..


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