Saturday, November 12

From green to red...

 Last month before we had our killing frost, Ron and I harvested approximately 100 green tomatoes. So what do you do with 100 green tomatoes?  Well, you wrap them in newspaper (thanks to my mother-in-law) and set them in a box in your basement and forget them....

Here's what we started with....100 or so tennis ball sized green tomatoes.

Wrap in newspaper...throw them in a cool dark place and wait!!

Surprise.....3 weeks later, you have 100 beautiful ripe tomatoes.

I just finished canning 3 quarts of stewed tomatoes, 3 pints of juice and 
7 pints of salsa!!! 


  1. How wonderful! I've never had a garden or canned anything. Hubby and I have talked about maybe starting a small garden. :)

  2. thanks for the info, we had this same thing and had no idea what to do with them, next year we will know. we will have to get our neighbors newspaper since we don't get one.


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