Saturday, October 22

Meet Molly....

I would like you all to meet Miss Molly, a 14 month, 56lb yellow lab.Molly has lived most of her life chained up in her backyard. She arrived at the ranch today after her owner surrendered her to a rescue. I must give the owners credit for contacting a rescue and not "dumping" her.
We are fostering her for the same rescue (Paws 2 Love) that we adopted our girlz. Our job is to get her ready for her "furever" home. She is very timid and doesn't trust men, so she will need some confidence building and socialization. She is getting along well with Gracie and Schatzie, in fact she prefers Schatzie's secret spot behind the sofa. We took 3 long walks so she is pooped and so are her sisters.
So be prepared for pupdates on our new girl, Molly!!
I picked up Molly in Kansas...
we headed north to Nebraska so she can experience "a good life"

Molly--hiding behind the sofa (her safe spot)

Molly~~"I don't want to open my eyes,
 please tell me this isn't  a dream!"

Look at me, I'm FREE.......

Life without my chain....
Good Night Miss Molly....
welcome to the ranch, where dogs are family!


  1. Molly is beautiful! Have your babies met her yet? It's so sweet of you to foster her. Your ranch must be heaven on earth for her after being chained up and forgotten about. Dogs are family here too! With our doggy rescue and yours, that makes two happy endings this week! Life is wonderful!

  2. i a sitting here with tears in my eyes. she is so beautiful and thank you for rescuing her. i am thinking you should keep her... what think ye? she looks so sweet from behind the sofa and the sheer joy of her running is what made me cry

  3. She couldn't have found a better home with more caring people......miss you.


  4. Seeing her expression is a wonderful reminder that while we cannot change everything, we can change something, and all it takes is one person to make a difference in one life.

    Big hugs to you and your girlz.


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