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We arrived on Molokai at approximately 6:30p.m.(we left our home at 3 a.m.) on Sept. 30th after nearly 12 hours of travel time, 2 layovers and a 5 hour time change. Since the body doesn't adjust quickly to the time change we were up before dawn ready to explore the island we called home for 2.5 years. On this visit, we were blessed to be able to stay on the Health Centers Property, in which we enjoyed an up close ocean view. The plumerias were in full bloom and their sweet aroma filled our room every morning. A stroll to the wharf area gave us shots of the boats, fishermen and the relaxed  lifestyle one experiences while on Molokai.  Like the saying goes, "if you're in a hurry, you're on the wrong island."

Tomorrow~~learn more about the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

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sweet plumeria, can't ya just smell em??

huge banyan tree on the Health Center property, just outside our cottage

boats at the wharf

busy morning for the fishermen

some of the catch

yep, here was our view every can  see the island of Lana`i

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  1. What a beautiful view you had everyday. I've never visited Hawaii so I really appreciate these photos. The water and the skies are so relaxing to look at. That Banyan tree is amazing! Are those common there?? Looking forward to more! :)


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