Sunday, October 23


 Update on Miss Molly 
  • she loves pepperoni and pizza crust
  • still prefers sleeping/hiding behind the sofa
  • afraid of the TV
  • enjoys playing with balls
  • loves walks with her foster sisters---so many smells :)
  • prefers to be outside
  • I have to carry her back into the house :(
  • seeing changes in her facial expressions--not so much fear :)
  • finally ate a whole bowl of kibble tonight.
  • looks alot  like Miss Gracie, especially her profile 

I know some of these items seem somewhat silly, but if you've lived on the end of a chain all your life til now, you life is filled with many new experiences. I think she's doing very well.  I sat in the yard with her and the girlz this afternoon and got a couple photos (better than yesterday's) I showed the shots to hubby and he thought they were of Gracie.  What do you think???

much more relaxed today--her facial expressions tell a new story

Gracie or Molly?!?!?!

LAB Butts....very thirsty after our walkabout

Molly enjoying one of the many bones in the yard...
life is good


  1. She's so blessed to be with you. Gracie and Molly really do favor. Love the butt shot...too funny! Wish I were there to play with them all!

  2. i am so lovin this story, keep us posted. she is so beautiful and i know about dogs expressions. baby girl was so abused when we got her, it took months to get her to walk out the sliding glass door to the back yard with us standing there. we would have to open it wide and leave the kitchen to get her to go out.


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