Sunday, October 30

A view of Molokai....

The following are photos of Molokai that very few people (even the locals) ever experience....enjoy!!

Friday, October 28

Hawaiian Monk Seals

Ron and I lived on the island of Molokai for 2.5 years and were involved heavily in the monitoring of the Hawaiian Monk Seal. There are an estimated 1100 seals in the islands, with approximately 150 in the main Hawaiian Islands. The population of this animal is decreasing at an alarming  rate of 4% per year--thus making it one of the rarest species in the world. We would normally see 8-10 seals on each of our treks, with 18 seals in one day being the highest number. We would identify the seals by their tags, body marks or bleach marks and then report our findings to NOAA. Our efforts helped NOAA officials to have a better understanding of the travels and behaviors of the seals.

 Each seal is tagged in both hind flippers after they are weaned at the age of 2months or so.
 The letter indicates the year of birth and the number is their id.

 Here you see a yearling...a favorite pose by these critters...snoozing on the beach.

 This is Kaiwi, an Oahu seal that was born this summer. At birth she weighed about 30 pounds and now weighs around 150lbs...the thing on her back is a cell phone transmitter allowing scientists to be able to track her position and diving depths.

Hard to believe there's only 1100 of them left  :(

"Monk Seal Hug" 

This is what we called a "cruiser" just checking out the beach areas for other seals

Ron and I would make a weekly trek to an area called La`au Point. Now it's not easy to get there---it's a 8.3 mile hike round trip. It's long, rocky, sandy, hot, but absolutely beautiful. It really has to be one of my most favorite spots on the planet...the water is blue, the sand is white and you rarely see another human being on this trek. This is a perfect place for the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. I could post literally 1000's of photos of these awesome creatures. If you care to know more about the seals check out  Monksealmania .It's listed over on the right. Lots of amazing photos there.


Been spending LOTS of time with our new foster dog Molly.
 I promise, I will have more monk seal photos like this one posted later today!!  

Monday, October 24

Run on over...

hey, run on over to my new blog~~~ PawsHelpingPaws
 to find out what's new with Miss Molly our foster dog!!

Sunday, October 23


 Update on Miss Molly 
  • she loves pepperoni and pizza crust
  • still prefers sleeping/hiding behind the sofa
  • afraid of the TV
  • enjoys playing with balls
  • loves walks with her foster sisters---so many smells :)
  • prefers to be outside
  • I have to carry her back into the house :(
  • seeing changes in her facial expressions--not so much fear :)
  • finally ate a whole bowl of kibble tonight.
  • looks alot  like Miss Gracie, especially her profile 

I know some of these items seem somewhat silly, but if you've lived on the end of a chain all your life til now, you life is filled with many new experiences. I think she's doing very well.  I sat in the yard with her and the girlz this afternoon and got a couple photos (better than yesterday's) I showed the shots to hubby and he thought they were of Gracie.  What do you think???

much more relaxed today--her facial expressions tell a new story

Gracie or Molly?!?!?!

LAB Butts....very thirsty after our walkabout

Molly enjoying one of the many bones in the yard...
life is good

Saturday, October 22

Meet Molly....

I would like you all to meet Miss Molly, a 14 month, 56lb yellow lab.Molly has lived most of her life chained up in her backyard. She arrived at the ranch today after her owner surrendered her to a rescue. I must give the owners credit for contacting a rescue and not "dumping" her.
We are fostering her for the same rescue (Paws 2 Love) that we adopted our girlz. Our job is to get her ready for her "furever" home. She is very timid and doesn't trust men, so she will need some confidence building and socialization. She is getting along well with Gracie and Schatzie, in fact she prefers Schatzie's secret spot behind the sofa. We took 3 long walks so she is pooped and so are her sisters.
So be prepared for pupdates on our new girl, Molly!!
I picked up Molly in Kansas...
we headed north to Nebraska so she can experience "a good life"

Molly--hiding behind the sofa (her safe spot)

Molly~~"I don't want to open my eyes,
 please tell me this isn't  a dream!"

Look at me, I'm FREE.......

Life without my chain....
Good Night Miss Molly....
welcome to the ranch, where dogs are family!

Friday, October 21 1

We arrived on Molokai at approximately 6:30p.m.(we left our home at 3 a.m.) on Sept. 30th after nearly 12 hours of travel time, 2 layovers and a 5 hour time change. Since the body doesn't adjust quickly to the time change we were up before dawn ready to explore the island we called home for 2.5 years. On this visit, we were blessed to be able to stay on the Health Centers Property, in which we enjoyed an up close ocean view. The plumerias were in full bloom and their sweet aroma filled our room every morning. A stroll to the wharf area gave us shots of the boats, fishermen and the relaxed  lifestyle one experiences while on Molokai.  Like the saying goes, "if you're in a hurry, you're on the wrong island."

Tomorrow~~learn more about the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Be sure to check back here later in the day when 
I have a special announcement to share!! 

Life is good, enjoy it!! 

sweet plumeria, can't ya just smell em??

huge banyan tree on the Health Center property, just outside our cottage

boats at the wharf

busy morning for the fishermen

some of the catch

yep, here was our view every can  see the island of Lana`i

An Aloha Morning

 Headed to the airport with the in-laws in a few minutes for their flight back to Phoenix. They were good puppy sitters. I am sure the girlz will miss all the extra attention and treats they got over the last month. Many thanks to them for coming and staying with the girlz and watching over the ranch.
This was the sunrise the first morning we were on island (Molokai). The dark area you see to the middle area of the photo is the island of Maui covered in clouds.

Thursday, October 20

A Break for Fall....

Just had to share a couple of photos of our "Fall Harvest"  Thank you God for providing a great bounty.
Tomorrow...Hawaii photos will begin!!
Enjoy this fall day.
yummy cherry tomatoes

pumpkins, spaghetti squash and watermelon

Red Hot Peppers

Tuesday, October 18

Monday, October 10

1 more week...

We have one more week on our favorite Hawaiian island of Molokai... I have taken 100's of photos that I will share once I'm back at the ranch on my own computer. I have even been able to cross a couple items off my bucket list during this trip. I will wait to share those, you know a picture is worth a 1000 words. Life is good.
Til next week.

Aloha, Val