Friday, September 16

headed back to the ranch...

Bags are packed and my Mom's "To Do List" is completed. Well almost, I wasn't able to get the scooter running, but I tried!!  It's in the mid 80's here in Florida and  I've been told it's cold or it least cooler back home on the ranch. I'll probably wish I had long pants and a coat once I arrive in Omaha.

Did want to share two things with you today.
1. I finished another animal story while at mom's. It is called "Dewey" by Vicki Myron. It's about a cat that was abandoned in a book drop at the library in Spencer, Iowa. The cat becomes a permanent fixture at the library and helps the author and  a community heal. Here is  an excerpt from the book and I think you will get the jest of the message that is shared through out the book
"Find your place. Be happy with what you have. Treat everyone well. Live a good life. It isn't about material things; it's about love. And you can never anticipate love."

So check your local library for the book and maybe you'll even find a cat too.

2. God  really does have a sense of humor....found these "oreo" cows not far from mom's house. So fun!!

 So enjoy everything around you and give thanks for ALL of your blessings.

P.S. can't wait to see my hubby and my girlz

Dewey...the cat that touched the world.

Oreo Cows...actual name is Belted Galloway Cattle.
Love God's touch.
 Val :)


  1. have a safe trip home...I love those Oreo cows...they are all set...milk and

  2. sounds like a wonderful story and I love the cows.

  3. Sweet Marie asked me to comment for her, she wants you to know for some reason she can't leave a comment, she has tried and tried.

  4. Yayyyyy! It worked, I can post here now!

  5. when you have that problem, and the box comes up and ask you to log in to google, look at the box that pops up and unclick the remember me box and it will let you comment. this only happens on blogs that have comments embedded at the bottom like yours is. if you look at your blog your comment box is at the bottom, look at mine and it is a pop up. In the old blogger you could choose the pop up, but now in the new blogger draft I don’t see the box

    if you add your email address in your profile, when you comment, we can reply to you by email if you like to get the emails instead of an answer here.

  6. go to you account and look under settings on dashboard and see if there is a place to pick pop up box

  7. Thanks Sandra! I will give it a shot when I have a couple extra minutes.


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