Sunday, September 11

Reflecting on 9/11

Today my mom and I  spent some time at Florida National Cemetery near Bushnell, Florida. This is my dad's final earthly resting spot. With thousands of service men and women buried here, it is a very sobering place to visit. As I strolled around the grounds looking at all the grave markers I was overwhelmed by the shear number of men and women who have served and protectecd our great country---many giving the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

the entrance to Florida National Cemetery

my dad's marker..George Eschenbacher

the bell tower...3 beautiful songs played while we visited today

some of the 1000's of grave markers

long may she wave....
 As we remember 9/11 and all those that lost their lives in NYC, at the Pentagon and on that field in Pennsylvania, we must also remember all those men and women (over 6000) who have fought the enemy on foreign soil these past 10 years so that we can be "free"  God Bless the USA

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  1. very nice post....we should always remember...


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