Friday, September 23

checking in...

My apologies for not having any posts for the past week. I just returned from Florida last friday, had a full week of work and we picked up Ron's folks from the airport last night for their month long visit. It's a busy time around the ranch, more about that later.  I did manage to grab the camera and enjoy a wonderful stroll around the ranch this morning. Gosh, I was only gone a week, but the colors have sure changed.

the colors around the pond are changing

soybeans nearing completion



yes, the smell of fall is in the air
Enjoy this beautiful fall day....


  1. All these pics are pretty! The soybeans pic and your doggy pic are my favorites! What part of Florida were you visiting?

  2. me too with Marie, we are both in FL, so were you close to us? of course my favorite today is the last one of the air sniffing beauty. the sunflowers make me happy and I like the soy beans because i have never seen them before. beautiful photos and glad you are home safe and sound

  3. Sandra and Marie, my mom lives in Ocala. We did manage to make it over to Tarpon Springs during my visit. I need to get some of those photos posted. I just need more time in the day!!

  4. home sweet home...great photos..


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