Saturday, June 18

Suspect in custody....

On the afternoon of June 18 we found evidence of what appears to be a "digger" in our yard. We found 2 suspects on the premises, however one seems to be more suspicious than the other. Photos show damage done by suspect(s)!!  Do the mug shots tell the story or was someone framed?!?!!? 
Digger Damage

Crime Scene

Suspect or accomplice????

#1  Suspect

Profile shot of suspect, she claims she was framed and demanding legal counsel....:)

I will update you tomorrow on Suzy and Sam....  :( 

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  1. As council willing to represent suspect number one... I say she was framed...
    The defense claims while an intruder entered the property and began the damage, my client approached intruder... it was then the dirt began flying hitting my client in the face, pratically blinding her... in which case the digger intruder was able to escape without identification...
    Thats her story and she's sticking to it! The defense rest.


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