Wednesday, June 15

Do I have a fish story for you....

On Monday we had the unpleasant experience of removing over 200 dead fish from our pond. We believe we had an algae bloom, thus depleting the oxygen in the water and killing most of the larger fish. We lost approximately 160 bluegil, 20 large mouth bass, 20 crappie and 1 very large catfish.  The 100 degree temps we had last week along with some rain that probably washed some fertilizer into the pond created the "perfect bloom."  We have noticed hundreds of small fry, so we didn't lose all the fish, however it will take sometime before they are "eating size"
As you can see we had some supervisors during the event...interestingly they had NO interest in eating, smelling or even rolling around on these dead fish!! Strange, especially for Gracie, cuz we all know she'll eat anything.   We later buried the fish in the pasture.
**double click on photo if you want to see a larger image...
 Preparing for operation dead fish removal

Gracie, making sure fish all lined up straight

They sure look proud don't they??

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