Saturday, June 11

my AHA moment......

We enjoyed a beautiful rain yesterday. I had an AHA moment as I watched little Suzy and Sam during the rain. In observing their nest construction a couple weeks ago I noticed  they seemed to have had a construction miscalculation. If you notice in the first picture, there seems to be a construction mistake to the right of the nest, this is where my AHA moment comes in! During the rain I looked out to find Sam on the "mistake" this is NO mistake, you see this is a small perch for dad when it's raining!! See second photo... A perfect spot for Sam to hang out near Suzy during the rain. Stupid humans....the birds know what they are doing!! As for the eggs, they should begin hatching a week from today. 
After the rain I found these two doves sitting on my compose bin in the garden. Love the shot of Schatzie during our evening walkabout. 
Gotta get out and enjoy the beautiful day...til next time!!
notice little spot on the right side of nest

it's a perch for Sam!!

Doves in the garden


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