Wednesday, June 22

project # 513

well I don't really know if it's project number 513 but, this is our (I should really say Ron's) next project. I have been working at the dental clinic this past week and Ron has been here on the ranch catching up with a number of projects that have been on his Git-r-done list. He's been on the internet researching and making plans since monday. The actual bones of the projects started taking shape last nite in the garage. Not going to tell you what this project is, going to see if anybody can guess...I will try and post photos at various stages in the process.  It's going to be very cool and not to mention BIG.....
the next project

a view from the top

the girlz taking Ron for his morning walk!!  :)
Oh, a couple inquired about the little bird yesterday, it's a wren!! She really sings a song in the a.m. 
Enjoy your thursday,
val   :)

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