Thursday, June 23

a new baby monk seal....

Just had to share this great news. Our friends Barbara and Robert found momma (Ewa Girl) and her new pup in a remote area on Oahu yesterday. This find was a dream come true for Barbara, she has wanted to find a new pup and momma on a beach forever. Although this pup is not a newborn, it is probably a week to 10 days old, I can only imagine their excitement as they identified momma and watched the pair.  Momma was smart as she is in an area that is restricted and the general public are unable to reach the pair to disturb them. :)  I will post other photos as I receive them. You can also check out my favorite blog for more pictures and information. 
Cheers for another birth of an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal  :) and thanks to Barbara and Robert for their endless dedication and love for the monk seals. 

Ewa Girl and her new pup!!
 val :)

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