Tuesday, March 29


Pulling post out!!

Post OUT!!

Loaded and ready for the junk pile.
 ....if Ron will regret showing me how to operate his tractor?!?!?!  Today I finished clearing the kidney bean of grass and weeds. Next project was removing the old satellite dish pole that is smack in the middle of the project. So me, with my trusty shovel began digging and digging....got to the point where I needed  some muscle remove the cement post and then the it hit me.....use the tractor stupid.  Now using the tractor is a bit intimating for me and I really do try and avoid using it, see if you don't use it, you can't break it, at least that's my theory.  Well since Ron will not be back for 2 months and I really want to get this project moving I decided to fire up the mighty orange machine and finish my task for the day. So with log chain in hand I hitched the whole thing up and pulled away. The post came out quickly, I loaded it in the bucket and took it to the junk pile.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
Wonder what other projects the tractor can help me with????

Sunday, March 27

Flower garden

For some reason it won't let me add the photo.....

My New Perennial Flower Bed....a work in progress

Today I started work on the area where my new perennial flower bed will be located.  I bought a new bird bath yesterday and decided I would set it up today (this was all I had planned to do) Well, since Ron is in Hawaii, I became the "Project Manager." I got all the tools out and started the process of leveling the bird bath, cuz ya know those birds don't like a crooked bird bath!! I must say the bath is level and I double dare those birds to knock it over. Since it didn't take too long, I decided to continue with the project and start taking the sod, actually it's more like a weed patch out. After 3 hours and 3.5 wheelbarrows full of debris I called it an afternoon~I was froze!!
The garden hose is the outline for the bed, the brown colored bird bath is the one I installed today. The other stuff is my makeshift birdbath and feeders.  :)
Stay tuned, I will post more photos as the project develops..........

Sunday, March 20

A Dog's Life.....

The girls spent the whole day outside, running, a swim in the pond, doing puppy zoomies, chasing turtles, napping in the sunshine and chewing on an old bone.  To them, LIFE is GOOD.....
My Gracie can SMILE!!

Schatzie--always in the pond :)

chewing on an old skull....oh yummy!!

Turtles basking in the sunshine around the pond.

Saturday, March 19

She is one smart dog.....

Hi, well it has been an eventful week. Ron arrived home from Maui last saturday afternoon and we have been on the run ever since.  We are busy trying to get all sorts of projects done before he returns to Maui this coming friday :(  Ron managed to get the driveway graded, so now we can get some much needed gravel on the "muddy road" We have discussed where the larger garden is to go and where the new tree bed will be.  I did get the yard power raked and mowed on one of the nice sunny days we have been experiencing this past week. We have even made arrangements with a farmer to have part of the Bloy Ranch farmed this year---yay!!
Now, I am sure you are wondering about the title today.....Here's the story. We haven't had the woodstove going for the past few days since it's been so nice outside, today is a little cooler and I guess Gracie decided she wanted a fire.  I was sitting here in the kitchen on the computer when she meanders in with a crinkled piece of paper in her mouth. This paper has been sitting next to the woodstove for over a week (to be used for fire starter) and she hasn't touch it since I put it there, until today....I think she's telling us she wants a FIRE!!! So, she got a fire, she is now on her bed in front of the stove all toasty warm!!!
Spoiled dog--I think so!

Tuesday, March 15

Yes, I'm still alive...

Yes, I am still kicking, just been very busy the last week. I will try and get some photos up later today!!

Tuesday, March 8

I see a garden in the future....

Another gloomy day....how many days til spring????  Ron and I did manage to purchase the seeds for this years garden a few weeks ago. Looking forward to yummy red tomatoes, peas, beans, peppers and all the other garden goodies. With gas prices skyrocketing, having a sustainable garden plot will indeed help in keeping the grocery bill in check. We have also ordered approximately 100 trees!! Think I might be busy once this gloomy winter weather is gone. 
seeds, glorious seeds......

Monday, March 7

so tired of snow.....

Woke to another snowy day, I am so ready for the world to turn green again.  Decided to share just a couple of photos today. The first is of a sweet little monk seal I saw on our recent trip to Molokai. Unfortunately I was unable to identify this cutie, but did manage to get a great shot.  Hard to believe that they are on the Endangered Species list. If you'd like to know more about the Hawaiian Monk Seal check out this blog: www.monksealmania.blogspot.com  believe me, you'll be hooked once you read the blog a few times. Great friends, DB, Donna, Barbara and Robert are big contributors to this site. Check it out!!!
The other photo is one I took at a nearby pond/lake. Working on getting the camera settings right....still need more practice. 
just so cute!!!

waiting for spring...
Anybody with some extra sunshine please send it my way!!! Enjoy the day.

Sunday, March 6

Como Zoo and Conservatory....

Conservatory...loved the architecture

Beautiful inside


Neal or Buzz??....the bears were named after astronauts

She was so pretty, taking a snow bath while we were observing her.

fern, reminded me of Hawaii

another cool lily

papaya tree
Finally, some photos from my trip to visit my sister in Minnesota a couple weeks ago. We went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory located in St. Paul on saturday before the "big snow storm."  It's a great little zoo and the flowers in the Conservatory were absolutely beautiful. The Conservatory has 5 different flower displays during the year, we happen to hit upon the lily and orchid display. The price is right too, only a $2 per person donation is requested. After an hour or so in the Conservatory we hit the zoo, in which we found polar bears, a tiger and some sea lions. I would like to return to visit during the summer when they have some shows featuring the animals. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the pink flamingos--they don't like the Minnesota winter weather for some reason!! Enjoy....

Friday, March 4

she just makes me laugh....

It's a gloomy friday so I wanted to share this picture of Princess Gracie.  She can always make me laugh!!

Pretty as a Princess....

Notice the position of the glasses,Gracie actually flipped them up on top of her head from her nose all by herself. My sister and I had a good laugh. What can I say, this dog has got talent!!

Wednesday, March 2

Sure Signs of Spring....

For the past few days I have noticed many signs that spring is on the horizon. Hurray!!!

First Robin

snow geese

Princess Gracie on her bed, Schatzie in snow

sunset 3-1-11

the beginning of the end of ice on our pond