Sunday, March 27

My New Perennial Flower Bed....a work in progress

Today I started work on the area where my new perennial flower bed will be located.  I bought a new bird bath yesterday and decided I would set it up today (this was all I had planned to do) Well, since Ron is in Hawaii, I became the "Project Manager." I got all the tools out and started the process of leveling the bird bath, cuz ya know those birds don't like a crooked bird bath!! I must say the bath is level and I double dare those birds to knock it over. Since it didn't take too long, I decided to continue with the project and start taking the sod, actually it's more like a weed patch out. After 3 hours and 3.5 wheelbarrows full of debris I called it an afternoon~I was froze!!
The garden hose is the outline for the bed, the brown colored bird bath is the one I installed today. The other stuff is my makeshift birdbath and feeders.  :)
Stay tuned, I will post more photos as the project develops..........

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