Saturday, March 19

She is one smart dog.....

Hi, well it has been an eventful week. Ron arrived home from Maui last saturday afternoon and we have been on the run ever since.  We are busy trying to get all sorts of projects done before he returns to Maui this coming friday :(  Ron managed to get the driveway graded, so now we can get some much needed gravel on the "muddy road" We have discussed where the larger garden is to go and where the new tree bed will be.  I did get the yard power raked and mowed on one of the nice sunny days we have been experiencing this past week. We have even made arrangements with a farmer to have part of the Bloy Ranch farmed this year---yay!!
Now, I am sure you are wondering about the title today.....Here's the story. We haven't had the woodstove going for the past few days since it's been so nice outside, today is a little cooler and I guess Gracie decided she wanted a fire.  I was sitting here in the kitchen on the computer when she meanders in with a crinkled piece of paper in her mouth. This paper has been sitting next to the woodstove for over a week (to be used for fire starter) and she hasn't touch it since I put it there, until today....I think she's telling us she wants a FIRE!!! So, she got a fire, she is now on her bed in front of the stove all toasty warm!!!
Spoiled dog--I think so!

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