Tuesday, March 29


Pulling post out!!

Post OUT!!

Loaded and ready for the junk pile.
 ....if Ron will regret showing me how to operate his tractor?!?!?!  Today I finished clearing the kidney bean of grass and weeds. Next project was removing the old satellite dish pole that is smack in the middle of the project. So me, with my trusty shovel began digging and digging....got to the point where I needed  some muscle remove the cement post and then the it hit me.....use the tractor stupid.  Now using the tractor is a bit intimating for me and I really do try and avoid using it, see if you don't use it, you can't break it, at least that's my theory.  Well since Ron will not be back for 2 months and I really want to get this project moving I decided to fire up the mighty orange machine and finish my task for the day. So with log chain in hand I hitched the whole thing up and pulled away. The post came out quickly, I loaded it in the bucket and took it to the junk pile.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
Wonder what other projects the tractor can help me with????

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