Sunday, May 1

Sunday Stew...

This past week you may have seen photos or maybe even the video of this seal all over the news. This is RK30, a 17 year old pregnant seal that was assaulted by a man on a Kauai Beach this last Tuesday evening.

This seal is Kauai's Sweetheart and most recognizable due to her past injuries, she can be found all over the island. She is a survivor- the scars you see in the photo were not from the most recent assault, but are battle scars from a rope entanglement around her neck, boat propeller marks, cookie cutter shark bites and a shark bite.   She's a wonderful momma, and in fact she is due to have her 8 pup any day!!  Fortunately, she and the pup were not harmed in the assault Tuesday.

On Thursday the 19 year old  man accused of harming RK30 was arrested. He could face up to 5 years in jail and a $50,000 fine. Hawaiian Monk Seals are endangered and are federally protected.

She is a survivor and a true Beauty to boot!!
Here are some other shots from the week...



  1. We sure hope she continue to live many many years - we will never ever understand these types of people that would harm an innocent creature :( Thank you for haring such wonderful pictures

  2. It is amazing she survived the attacks. We don't think 5 years is long enough!

  3. She is a beautiful girl!
    We also agree with Hailey and Zaphod - 5 years isn't enough!

  4. What a strong little lady she is, and we also agree that 5 years is nowhere near enough!!

    A beautiful collection of photos!

  5. Great shots! I'm not sure why people have to be that way. If it were up to me the punishment would be a lot different and a lot more severe.


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