Wednesday, April 27

Looking for PIP...

Off I go...
Tide was very low this morning.
It's been over 2 months since I've been out to the albatross chick site,
so today was a field trip to check up on them. 
When I arrived at the chick site,  I found this mound of fluff

right in the middle of an open area with absolutely no protection

All of a sudden a head popped up!!

It was Pip, covered in his soft downy coat.
 He waits patiently for his parents to return with his next protein enriched meal.
It was good to see him, just a couple more months and he'll be soaring the blue skies. 

I also spent some time picking up some marine debris and tiny shells.

I found this bottle treasure.
 It was a lovely day.
God is Good!!



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