Wednesday, January 27


Want to Welcome some new readers.  Glad you are stopping by and hope you enjoy our Hawaii Life.

Gracie had a recheck appointment with the vet on Tuesday. Things seem to be improving--my girl is better, but still not 100%.  We believe we've nipped the bug and are making headway in recovering from the ordeal.  Gracie is exhibiting some signs of depression which is normal since she did lose her best friend. We will continue to monitor her issues and take a second round of the de-wormer the end of next week.

Sharing a few photos of my seal trek from Tuesday....Gracie isn't in to having her photo taken right now, so it's seal adventures for now.


  1. that would be so pawsome to see the seals on the beach - the only thing we see at ours is the occasional dolphin

  2. Keeping Gracie in our thoughts. Another beautiful Hawaii day
    Lily & Edward

  3. Hello Val,

    I am just now catching up on things. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how difficult that is for you and for Gracie. Sometimes I think they take it harder than we do. I'm glad to hear that Gracie is doing better though and hopefully she will continue to get back to her old self.

    She has good parents. Lots of people would not go through what you are going through for their pet. You are greatly appreciated by her I know.

    I'm loving the seal shots! We didn't see any of those this trip.


  4. We are also keeping Gracie in our thoughts, and hope she is her happy self again very soon. Such beautiful pictures of such a wonderful paradise!

  5. So Glad Gracie is continuing on the path to wellness. You have some great shots today!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We're glad Gracie is continuing to improve. We definitely go through a grief process much like people do. It helps if we stay busy. Mom said that helps people, too.

  7. Aloha Val, gosh seeing these makes me wish we were coming sooner than later. So glad Gracie us feeling better, guess I need to go back and see why she is getting de-wormed? What an ordeal you've been through. Sending love your way my friend.

  8. Happy to hear Gracie is doing better. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Seals are fine, we enjoy seeing them and the beautiful landscape.


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