Tuesday, January 5

Doing better...

Here's an update on Gracie--

She is walking much better, still requiring to be hand fed and is feeling blue.  We believe she injured her back on New Year's Eve trying to escape from the horrible fireworks that lasted over 7 hours. We had her inside, a/c on, television on but it wasn't enough, she tried her best to dig a hole in the bathroom, hid in the closet and burrowed herself between Ron and I in the bed. Needless to say, I hate fireworks!!   She jumped off the bed and I believe that's when she wrenched her back. On our brief walk on New Years Day I noticed she had a "crooked" back.  She was given pain meds for 2 days and that has seemed to "straighten" her out. She is back to gentle walking and is eager to go on her walks again!! YAY for Gracie.
We have been trying to take her on more outings; (church, post office, bank and the recycling center) she seems fine when we are out and about but her disposition changes  when we are here at home. I often find her outside sniffing the air. Wonder if she is sniffing for Schatzie....breaks my heart.  Guess it's just going to take time for all of us.
Monday after work we took a drive and enjoyed a nice walk to the beach.

and on we go....


  1. Glad to hear Gracie is on the mend.
    When our angel Loki died, our Gemini sat and cried for days. It was heart wrenching. With time it got better.

  2. so glad she is up and out. and yes i do think she is looking for Shatzie. Jake still looks for Baby, not as much but he looks. especailly if something comes out of hiding that has Baby's scent on it. have you ever tried a thunder suit for Gracie? i have a friend who uses one on her dog.

  3. Seven hours of fireworks would stress anyone out, dogs or humans. Poor Gracie, glad her back is better. Please accept my sympathy for your loss. Surely Gracie is missing her friend.
    I don't know how you feel about talking to the vet about a mild sedative for New Year's and July 4. It made all the difference for our little terrier mix years ago - not fireworks but the car scared her horribly. When we absolutely had to take her somewhere, half a pill from the vet worked wonders and seemed like the kindest way to go. Every dog and every situation is different though.

  4. Glad she is improving. That is a lovely photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Otto is still sad about Ruby, too.

  6. So glad to hear that she is doing better! I HATE fireworks and am dreading them this year with Bree my new rescue. She is terrified of thunder as it is. Beautiful photo!

  7. So glad that Gracie is showing signs of improvement. I wish somehow that dog-people could get all the loud booms to stop. So many dogs are so stressed out by them. I hope that Gracie keeps improving, and that all of you are hanging in there after your heartbreaking loss.

  8. It makes sense if she hurt her back she is showing her pain by not eating, etc. I have done the same. I see the animal chiropractor when I do something like that and it helps me out immensely! Hopefully she will feel all better soon, but she will miss Schatzie for a while we would guesss.

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  10. I really believe dogs grieve and can become depressed over the loss of a companion. I know some will disagree, but I have found it to be true. Hugs to Gracie and to you.

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