Saturday, January 2

A New Year...

We survived the New Years Eve fireworks--Gracie was a nervous wreck for over 6 hours. We did our best to keep her calm; running the a/c, television on and snuggling close. At 12:50 the last pop went off....we could finally sleep.

With the loss of Schatzie, we are now a family of three. We did an early morning hike at a nearby bike trail that has a elevated view of the ocean. Observing our first whales of the season was on our agenda, the whales cooperated.  During our walk Gracie was reluctant to keep moving and Ron had to carry her a considerable distance. I attributed it to lack of sleep and sadness in losing her sister.
Later in the day I took her for a ride in the car, destination--Petco (she loves rides in the car)  Her sadness continued, but now I don't think it's sadness. There is definitely something going on with her. Once back home she had another episode of not being able to get up on her own or even walk and has no interest in food. We watched as she panted heavily and wasn't real responsive. The whole ordeal lasted approximately an hour, it's exhausting to witness. As I type this she is resting comfortably on her bed, we shall see what tomorrow brings.
I have to admit Ron and I are both quite scared...


  1. Sending our POTP that Gracie will be better soon.

  2. Oh Val I'd be scared to! After my Sadie passed, Reggie was depressed to-each time he had an upset stomach I was so scared. I will say that with you having had an issue with those dental bones and then Schatzie passing, I would have Gracie checked out-just to make sure she didn't get into something. I'll be praying!

  3. Sounds very scary! Might we suggest that when she is like this that you video her so you can show it to the vet? We sure hope this is an easy fix!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Mom says Katie was devastated when Mom's other dog Trine died. She looked for her for over a month, but she was a young pup at 1 1/2 at the time. Poor Gracie may be really devastated. We sure hope that is the case.

  5. Broc moped and refused food or comfort or walks when his lifelong pal died. Get her checked yes, but remember dogs have really deep ties of loyalty and love. It took him a month to get close to normal again.

  6. That's very concerning indeed! My prayer is that it's "just" the grieving process, but I'd sure get her in to see the vet. Sweet Gracie.
    Hugs of understanding to all of you!!!

  7. I'm sending POTP. I'm sure that your vet is working hard to try to figure out what is going on. To be honest, it sounds like a bit more than grieving to me, and I've seen some pretty extreme grieving in my pups in the past. I so hope that Gracie feels better soon.

  8. Oh no, I am so sorry to read this after just reading about the loss of your sweet Schatzie. Am praying hard that it is just sadness and nothing medical.
    Marty's Mom

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