Monday, May 26

PK1 and PK2

Here are a couple of cute shots I took yesterday while monitoring the two monk seal pups.

The first shot is of PK1. He is 17 days old in this photo and gives his momma the berries. She barked at him to go into the water, well he just barked back and galumphed up the beach far away from the water. Momma barked again and then joined him!! Guess PK1 won that battle!! He's quite pudgy as you can tell by this picture.
Next is PK2. The gender has yet to be determined, but I'm going with a male here too. We should know in the next week or so...stay tuned!! They are so cute when they fall asleep upside down, not a care in the world. I'm sure mom will have him/her out swimming sometime this coming week. Maybe it will happen when I'm there for my next shift.  If you look closely at the right front flipper you will see a small white spot on the very tip. This is a natural bleach mark--basically a monk seal birth mark!! I will be interested to see how it changes as he/she turns a beautiful gray/silver color in the next few weeks.

 upside down :)

Saturday, May 24

Doing what I do.....

Experiencing a brief break in the torrential rain Saturday as I was monitoring the 2 monk seal mommas and their pups. 
Photo credit....Gary Langley

Thursday, May 22

Welcome to The world PK2!!

This little monk seal was born yesterday morning. I arrived on scene just a couple hours after his birth. His momma is known as RO28 or her Hawaiian name "Pohaku". Her young pup will be referred to as PK2 since he/she is the second seal pup born here on Kauai this year. Shortly after he/she is weaned the seal will receive their official science name and a possible Hawaiian name. Both momma and pup are doing great. Momma is very protective so visitors to the site must give her lots of space. 
Feeling pretty blessed to be on the scene such a short time after the pups have been born. 
Two week old PK1 is growing like a weed and swimming , well like a monk seal. I will be out at the site again later this week and will share more photos. 

Happy "Birth" day PK2!!!

Monday, May 12

Saturday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day....

Wishing my mom a very Happy Mother's Day!! Thank you for all that you do.

Love, Val and the Girlz

Day 3

Spent just a few short minutes at the pupping site yesterday. Just had to go out and see the new one before he/she out grows their black onies!! Such a sweetie and momma is doing a great job of keeping the pesky males at bay.  
Stanely and Murphy asked how big the pup was....well, at birth they are 25-30 lbs. in the next 5-7 weeks I will be sharing photos of their rapid growth. You won't believe the change they make. 

Wednesday, May 7

Happy "Birth" Day...

I would like to introduce you to Kauai's newest monk seal. He/she was born today at an undisclosed location here on Kauai. I will share more information and photos soon. In case you can't see him/her it's the little black blob next to momma.

I love spring!!!  

Monday, May 5

Computer crashed.....

It's going to happen, it always does, you just don't know when.....I am working on putting the pieces together ( fortunately I had all my photos backed up). It's the rest of the stuff that I gotta glue back together. 
I leave you with this photo of the under belly of the Hanalei Pier.